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What we offer

Clarity, resources and connections to make faster progress.

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Our Community

The GEO community gives you the opportunity to work with others who are eager to learn and improve.

When you’re working together with your peers, you tap into the wisdom and experiences of those in the same boat — and challenges that felt overwhelming become achievable.

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We are home to grantmakers who are transforming philanthropic culture and practice

If you believe strong nonprofits are indispensable to your success as a grantmaker, then no matter where you work or the issues you support, the GEO community is the place for you.

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GEO conferences offer unparalleled opportunities for you to explore the most relevant topics in the field and problem solve with like-minded peers. Members receive priority conference registration and discounted registration rates.

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GEO prides itself on offering you opportunities to tap into the wisdom and experiences of those on the same journey to improve. Through a variety of platforms and programs, both remotely and in person, challenges that felt overwhelming become achievable.

  • Remote Learning — From webinars to member calls, GEO offers a variety of ways to learn from experts and peers.
  • Capacity Building Champions — GEO’s frontline capacity building advocates and thought leaders convene virtually to learn, share resources and apply insights to their outreach efforts.
  • Change Leaders in Philanthropy Fellowship — This 10-month peer cohort program offers a supportive community where senior executives can identify best practices and recommendations for creating and shepherding key change efforts in their organizations.

GEO in the Field

In our community and around the country

GEO staff regularly lead discussions and facilitate workshops on a range of smarter grantmaking approaches around the country, drawing from what our community has learned about creating thriving nonprofits that help improve our world.

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Find clarity on what matters most.

Our publications lift up promising practices and examples from peers to speed your progress on the road to effectiveness. Focusing on GEO’s core smarter grantmaking approaches, these resources speed your pursuit of the practices that help nonprofits create more results.

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There is no shortage of advice in the field. Our core smarter grantmaking approaches help you cut through the noise to focus only on the practices that matter most to nonprofits. And the GEO community is focused not just on what you do, but how you get there.

Find out more about the approaches and practices that will help you give nonprofits what they need to make progress on complex issues.

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