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Co-Creating a Meaningful Set of Possibilities

Change requires a constant reimagining of what is possible for society, not just what is practical or efficient.

In his end of year letter, GEO's CEO and President Marcus Walton reflects on the ways GEO moved closer to realizing our shared vision of courageous grantmakers working in service of nonprofits and communities.

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Annual Report

Annual Report 2021

In this report, we are excited to share examples that illustrate some of the ways GEO has continued to be a supportive, resource-rich space for grantmakers to advance social progress through transforming philanthropic culture and practice.
  • July 29, 2022

Centering Equity through Flexible, Reliable Funding

With this guide, GEO seeks to reassert the value of flexible, reliable funding with an updated analysis and set of examples to illustrate how a commitment to flexible, reliable funding can support the sector to be more equitable and community driven in its practice.
  • May 25, 2022

Facing a World without Roe: How Effective Grantmaking Combats Inequity

Here at GEO, we envision and are co-creating a community of courageous grantmakers working in service of nonprofits and communities to create a just, connected and inclusive society where we can all thrive.
  • May 9, 2022

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on which grantmaking practices matter most to nonprofits.

GEO's broad resource library features publications and tools that lift up promising practices and examples from peers to speed your progress on the road to effectiveness. Members can expand their learning through exclusive resources such as case studies and discussion starters.

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to make faster progress on the issues you care about most.

Our strength is in learning from each other. We lift up the stories, insights and best practices of GEO members moving philanthropy forward. Get inspired by tapping into their wisdom today!

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from others working to push the boundaries of philanthropy.

When you’re working together with your peers, you tap into the wisdom and experiences of those in the same boat — and challenges that felt overwhelming become achievable. Find opportunities to come together with our community to solve of-the-moment challenges.

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Find all the ways you can tap into the power of the GEO community.

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