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A Change Management & Deep Equity Primer: The What, Why, How & Nuance

This publication from Movement Tapestries offers insights and guidance for organizations navigating equity-embedded transformations, and the challenges that can come with embarking on such journeys.
  • January 16, 2023
  • Sheryl Petty, Ed.D.


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    GEOList Summary: Multiple Grant Requests from Parent and Subsidiary Nonprofit Organizations

    Hello GEO community, we have a question for the group. The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is seeing an increase in nonprofit organizations in subsidiary relationship to another nonprofit. How have other foundations worked with these organizations? A specific example would be a parent subsidiary relationship where there is an umbrella nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) designation, and two subsidiary organizations, each with their own 501(c)(3) designation and boards. These organizations, while sharing a commonality of purpose do not have a common history. All three organizations have indicated that they would like to apply for grants. Assuming an organization would normally only be eligible for 1 grant per granting period plus 1 collaboration grant, would each of the organization be eligible to apply for 1 grant and would the entirety be eligible to apply for a collaboration grant. If you have experience with this type of organizational structure, please share how you are handling the multiple requests.
    • June 10, 2019
    • Bo Dorsey
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    GEOList Summary: Interested in Learning More About Post-Grant Visits

    GEO Community, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (CFGA) is interested in learning about post-grant award site visits. Currently, CFGA conducts site visits during application review where some of our Board members and donors may attend with staff. We are considering shifting their engagement to after an award has been made. Do any of you conduct post-grant award site visits in lieu of in cycle site visits? If so: · What is the process for the post-grant award site visit? · Do you feel it is more beneficial than an in-cycle site visit? · When do you conduct the site visit – 3/6/9/12 months after grant is executed? · Is the site visit part of the organization’s End of Grant report? · Do you let Board members or donors attend with staff?
    • June 5, 2019
    • Bo Dorsey
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    GEOList Summary: Diversity & Inclusion Change Resources

    Hello Colleagues, We are looking for examples of successful approaches that you may have used within your organizations to strengthen inclusive culture. Certainly hiring, promotion and evaluation are important areas to examine. More importantly, we'd like to learn about your experiences strengthening those informal ways that we work together, communicate, and make decisions every day. This might encompass establishing a common D & I vision, baselining the current organizational state, and/or providing staff/leadership training or coaching.
    • June 3, 2019
    • Bo Dorsey
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    GEOList Summary: Applications and Reports

    We’re looking to revamp the questions on our applications and reports. We are especially interested in examples that are aimed at systems change, advocacy, capacity building, etc. Anyone able to share?
    • May 22, 2019
    • Bo Dorsey
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    GEOList Summary: Learning Management System

    Looking at using a Learning Management System for a cohort based program we are developing for nonprofit leaders. Many of the systems seem to be for larger, involved programs. Is there anyone using one for smaller groups that they might recommend?
    • May 21, 2019
    • Bo Dorsey
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    GEOList Summary: Improving Foundation Evaluation Practice

    Dear GEO community, We recently produced a second edition of Evaluation Principles and Practices, A Guide to Evaluation at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. As part of our updated practice guide, we are aiming to improve our evaluation practice by increasing our 1) public sharing of evaluation findings, 2) engagement with grantees, and 3) integration of our foundation’s guiding principle of diversity, equity and inclusion. We include some practical tips to support staff in doing all of these things and are looking for additional practical, specific examples from others of specific tips or tools they have used to effectively promote these evaluation practices.
    • May 20, 2019
    • Bo Dorsey
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    Learning in Philanthropy: A Guidebook

    When grantmakers focus on learning for improvement, we use evaluation and learning to generate information and insights that will help us better understand both how we’re doing in our work and how to improve. A focus on taking action based on what we learn ensures that we are engaged in strategic or applied learning. This publication serves as an orientation for staff and board members highlighting key concepts, how to get started, and how others in the field are thinking about and addressing important issues around learning. This publication provides a solid basis for thinking and talking about the next steps in your organization’s learning work.
    • May 12, 2019
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    Lobbying expenditures

    The Rhode Island Foundation (a community foundation) is updating our website and application materials and would like to clarify the language we provide around organizations’ lobbying activities. We would be very interested in seeing any guidance you provide to your applicants around lobbying expenditures.
    • May 6, 2019
    • Bo Dorsey
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    GEOList Summary: Program Design for Racial Equity Peer Cohorts

    ACT for Alexandria, a community foundation in Alexandria, VA, is developing a capacity building cohort focused on racial equity for nonprofit leaders in our community. We are curious about any of your experiences with similar initiatives.
    • April 1, 2019
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    GEOList Summary: Outcomes Software

    I’d like to know what software or other systems foundations are using to track grantee outcomes and impact.
    • February 13, 2019
    • Austin Frizzell