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No organization has the resources to address the complex issues facing our communities. Working together gives us an opportunity to create real change.


of grantmakers believe it is important to coordinate resources and actions with other funders

Collaboration takes place in many forms (like networks, movements, collective impact) and in many funding possibilities (such as co-funding or pooled funds). But regardless of the specific details, one thing is always true — if we want to go far, we have to go together.

Collaboration requires everyone to be honest, trusting and humble. It means being open about what our strengths are as well as what knowledge and expertise our partners bring to the table. And once we understand what role we should play, solving complex challenges together becomes possible. Funding collaboration successfully and being productive partners requires that we do the hard work to set ourselves up for success. But doing so means we’re able to make faster progress on the issues we care about most.

For us, collaboration is about joining with others to try to move the needle, whether on issues such as improving the social, emotional and physical well-being of our youth or ensuring that more kids graduate and go to college.

Cheryl Walker, board chair of the Deaconess Foundation

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Stay informed of the emerging trends and promising practices from the field of philanthropy through GEO’s publications and research.

  • Perspective

    We Are In This Together: A Letter to Philanthropy

    Hear directly from 9 nonprofit leaders what you can be doing to support your grantees in the most meaningful ways.

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • October 2017
  • GEOList Members Only

    GEOList Summary: Network Funding

    Can anyone involved in resourcing networks point to a good model for collaborative network leadership making decisions about how to allocate pooled cash resources among network initiatives?

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • September 2017
  • Perspective

    Using Intermediaries for Social Change

    On September 11, GEO hosted a member call to discuss the role of intermediaries. While traditionally intermediaries have filled the gap between the concentration of resources within philanthropy and the needs or gaps of the nonprofit sector, how can intermediaries further leverage their strength to become more effective?

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • September 2017
  • Member Story

    Smarter Grantmaking in Action: The Florida Bar Foundation

    By confronting gaps between its mission and its way of doing business, The Florida Bar Foundation is deepening impact in the communities it serves.

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • September 2017
  • GEOList Members Only

    GEOList Summary: Best Practices on Organizing a Grantee Convening

    I am interested in learning about best practices on how to organize an effective grantee convening. We work in an international context, and would love to hear how other international grantmakers have planned and organized grantee convenings that are inclusive of diverse cultures.

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • September 2017

Upcoming Events

  • Conferences

    2018 National Conference

    The 2018 National Conference will provide participants with the information, connections and experiences to continue improving and pursuing smarter grantmaking practices that positively impact nonprofit effectiveness.

    • April 2018
  • GEO in the Field

    Ready…Set…Go: Preparing for Collaboration

    Today’s buzzword in philanthropy is collaboration. Yet funders and nonprofits have discovered that achieving consensus—even around shared values or core issues—can be challenging. Organizations that strive for collaboration first need to ensure that they foster an environment that is "collaboration-ready." Grantmakers for Effective Organizations will present the framework needed to build an internal culture conducive to engaging in effective collaboration.

    • November 2017

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