GEOList Summary: Interested in Learning More About Post-Grant Visits

  • Bo Dorsey, June 5, 2019

GEO Community, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (CFGA) is interested in learning about post-grant award site visits. Currently, CFGA conducts site visits during application review where some of our Board members and donors may attend with staff. We are considering shifting their engagement to after an award has been made. Do any of you conduct post-grant award site visits in lieu of in cycle site visits? If so: · What is the process for the post-grant award site visit? · Do you feel it is more beneficial than an in-cycle site visit? · When do you conduct the site visit – 3/6/9/12 months after grant is executed? · Is the site visit part of the organization’s End of Grant report? · Do you let Board members or donors attend with staff?

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