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GEO 2021 Annual Report

Message From the President & Board Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Throughout 2021, we witnessed a proliferation of courageous conversations and sincere efforts across the philanthropic sector to promote wellbeing within communities representing diverse populations across the globe. Since then, whether examining geopolitical dynamics or analyzing domestic inequities through the lens of their historical origins, the evolution of community needs has required grantmakers to be emergent in our work with nonprofits and communities to be effective. In the face of this trend, GEO’s emphasis on collective thriving continues to resonate, and we continue to observe members operate in service of a just and connected society.

In this report, we are excited to share examples that illustrate some of the ways GEO has continued to be a supportive, resource-rich space for grantmakers to advance social progress through transforming philanthropic culture and practice. We continue to extend our gratitude to the members, partners, supporters and staff who have facilitated, informed and led us to and through these trying years. Though there is more work to be done, the prospect for an invigorated ecosystem for change is bright! We appreciate your committed leadership and look forward to continuing along this path of transformation with you throughout the years to come.

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