About GEO

GEO is a community of funders committed to transforming philanthropic culture and practice by connecting members to the resources and relationships needed to support thriving nonprofits and communities.

We envision courageous grantmakers working in service of nonprofits and communities to create a just, connected and inclusive society where we can all thrive.

That’s the power of the GEO community. With more than 6,000 grantmakers across the globe, we work together to lift up the grantmaking practices that matter most to nonprofits and that truly improve philanthropy.

There’s no shortage of advice out there for grantmakers working to improve. There’s also no shortage of hurdles to making change. Since 1997, GEO has provided opportunities for grantmakers to come together to share knowledge and inspire each other to act. GEO members find value in making strong connections to address mutual challenges, navigating the same journey to improve.

Working together, we’ve cut through the noise to identify the core smarter grantmaking approaches that enable transformational change. We’ve designed conferences focused on solving of-the-moment challenges, regular opportunities for peer learning, and publications that lift up best practices and examples from peers. As a result, GEO drives grantmakers’ progress for more effective change.

Four out of five GEO members outpace the field in adopting smarter grantmaking practices.

Together, we are learning more about what works and applying our knowledge and resources to improve our communities. Join GEO to be part of this growing movement to support a more effective nonprofit sector.

GEO is a nonprofit organization. It does not award grants and does not accept applications for financial support.

  • There’s no shortage of advice out there. GEO’s resources — from discussion starters to in-depth publications — lift up best practices and examples from members of the community. Find critical resources about the topics you care about today!

  • We offer a huge number of opportunities for you to work directly with your peers to tap the wisdom and experiences of those in the same boat. Find conferences and peer learning opportunity focused on of-the-moment challenges here!

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