Peer Learning

Members attend the midpoint retreat for the first Change Leaders in Philanthropy fellowship cohort.

GEO prides itself on offering you opportunities to tap into the wisdom and experiences of those on the same journey to improve. Through a variety of platforms and programs, both remotely and in person, challenges that felt overwhelming become achievable. Explore our upcoming events.

Capacity Building Champions

GEO’s frontline capacity building advocates and thought leaders convene virtually to learn, share resources and apply insights to their outreach efforts.

Change Leaders in Philanthropy Fellowship

This 10-month peer cohort program offers a supportive community where senior executives can identify best practices and recommendations for creating and shepherding key change efforts in their organizations.

Change Incubator

We aren’t being as effective as we could be, because we aren’t taking the time to include grantees in our decision-making or build the types of relationships that allow for open and honest conversations. GEO’s Change Incubator is giving grantmakers an opportunity to address complex challenges and accelerate the pace of change within their own organizations.

Remote Learning

From webinars to member calls, GEO offers a variety of ways to learn from experts and peers.

Place Based Offerings

We initiated partnerships with regional associations in California and North Carolina to experiment with providing local networking and learning opportunities that meet the unique needs of grantmakers in these communities.

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