Peer Learning

Members attend the midpoint retreat for the first Change Leaders in Philanthropy fellowship cohort.

GEO prides itself on offering you opportunities to tap into the wisdom and experiences of those on the same journey to improve. Through a variety of platforms and programs, both remotely and in person, challenges that felt overwhelming become achievable. Explore our upcoming events.

Capacity Building Champions

The Capacity Building Champions is an engaged and vibrant learning community of grantmakers who embrace grantee-centered capacity building as a strategy for building nonprofit resilience.

Change Leaders in Philanthropy Fellowship

The Change Leaders in Philanthropy Fellowship is a 10-month peer cohort program for senior executives who are responsible for developing and guiding key change efforts in their organizations.

Remote Learning

The Remote Learning Series is a space for members to learn from seasoned practitioners within the GEO community and ask burning questions about the smarter grantmaking approaches that matter most to nonprofits.

Place Based Offerings

We initiated partnerships with regional associations in California and North Carolina to experiment with providing local networking and learning opportunities that meet the unique needs of grantmakers in these communities.

Strategic Learners Network

The Strategic Learners Network is a peer community of GEO members, whose work includes dot-connecting, pattern-finding and holding the space for internal strategic learning.

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