Members discuss GEO's core smarter grantmaking approaches.

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The bedrock for effectiveness

We know that there is no shortage of advice out there. Our core smarter grantmaking approaches help you cut through the noise. Find out more about the smarter grantmaking approaches that matter most to nonprofits.

Capacity Building

The strongest nonprofits are adaptable and resilient

Strong programs exist in strong organizations, and capacity building allows nonprofits to build their skills and expertise to tackle important issues.

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Working together to make faster progress

If we want to go far, we have to go together, and grantmakers who build productive partnerships (and support nonprofits to do so) see real change.

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Flexible, Reliable Funding

Providing the space and security to innovate

When we give flexible, long-term funding, nonprofits worry less about their own survival and focus more on responding to shifts in their environment and creating real results for the communities they serve.

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Learning and Evaluation

Continuously learning and improving

When we adopt a learning mindset focused on continuously improving, we can use evaluation to focus on what we can learn from the data, push ourselves to experiment and deliberately look at failures as opportunities to grow.

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Strengthening Relationships

Our success is linked to the strength of our connections

When we build trust with and tap the knowledge of nonprofit and community leaders, we arrive at better solutions.

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Making Change Possible

The GEO community isn’t just focused on what you do, but how you get there. We’re identifying which practices best enable nonprofits to be successful — we’re also looking at what makes it possible for our organizations to change and adapt to the needs of the nonprofits we fund.

We’re working together to make it easier to implement changes and help them stick within your organization. And that means achieving faster progress.

  • Culture: Productive grantmaker culture accelerates impact and creates the conditions for supporting nonprofit success.
  • Equity: No matter the outcome we are working toward, our institutions and systems were built to advantage some but not all — and data shows that inequities persist to this day.
  • Organizational Change: We’re exploring what it takes for our community to advance the productive change that we know leads to better results.
  • There’s no shortage of advice out there. GEO’s resources — from discussion starters to in-depth publications — lift up best practices and examples from members of the community. Find critical resources about the topics you care about today!

  • We offer a huge number of opportunities for you to work directly with your peers to tap the wisdom and experiences of those in the same boat. Find conferences and peer learning opportunity focused on of-the-moment challenges here!

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