GEOList Summary: Seeking examples of ways to measure hope or wellbeing

  • Bo Dorsey, April 3, 2024

Hello Geo, As part of our Strategic Visioning process in 2022, the Iowa West Foundation conducted a number of community listening sessions called Imagine Hours. As a place-based foundation, Iowa West strives for communities in which families love to live and businesses thrive. The Imagine Hours helped us to understand that the community members in our area of southwest Iowa value: Belonging, Financial Stability, Opportunity, and Wellbeing as elements of a prosperous community. We have shifted our focus to align with this feedback. We are also trying to identify metrics that demonstrate whether we are accomplishing Wellbeing (defined as thriving instead of just surviving). We believe an indicator or metric that spoke to community hope would be a strong candidate, but have not found many good resources on how to do this at a city or county level. Does anyone have any great examples, communities, or resources we should consider as we develop this? Thanks! Matt

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