GEOList Summary: Salesforce adoption within Program (grantmaking) departments

  • Rylan Kepner, September 3, 2019

I am spearheading a Salesforce adoption process within our foundation’s Program department. Our Philanthropy Group (development and donor services team) implemented it successfully over a year ago. Given the inherent Salesforce benefits (and clear use cases) for the development and donor services side of things, I am curious to learn if other foundations have successfully implemented Salesforce (or are on the journey to) within their grantmaking departments? If so, I would be grateful to learn and chat more with folks about: - What benefits have you seen from the process/adoption of Salesforce among your Program staff? (I.e. time saved, stronger relationships with grantees/community partners, automated processes and workflows, increased collaboration across your foundation’s departments, better knowledge management etc.) - What has not gone well? And/or what roadblocks do you see ahead? - Broadly, what does success look like for you? - What core or baseline data about your interactions with grantee (or non-grantee) partners does your Program staff consistently log (or is expected to log) in the system?

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