GEOList Summary: Question on Use of Site Visits

  • Bo Dorsey, February 1, 2021

The St. David’s Foundation is in the process of re-evaluating when site visits with our grantees are conducted, and the purpose of those visits.  Currently, we conduct site visits for large grant requests, as part of our due diligence process.  We are considering revising this to move site visits to after the award is made (disconnected from due diligence) and to put more of a focus on joint learning.  We are interested to learn from the experiences peer foundations who use site visits to further their work, specifically: What is the overall purpose of the visit? Do the site visits occur before or after the grant is made? What topics are generally covered during the visit?  If you feel your site visit process adds significant value to your work, what components create this value?  What practices should be avoided? Thank you in advance for sharing your practices and ideas.   Kimberly McPherson

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