GEOList Summary: Primary grantmaking committee questions

  • Bo Dorsey, April 8, 2022

Hello Everyone, We would love to gain deeper insight from this community about grantmaking committees. Here are our questions: • What is the structure of your evaluating body – do you have one core committee or multiple committees (fund, sector, or program dependent, for example)? • What steps has your organization taken to diversify committees and to incorporate participatory grantmaking? How are community members considered for your committee (application process, word-of-mouth, staff-driven, etc)? • Is your organization utilizing content experts for proposal evaluations? If so, are they part of your core decision making body or used as advisors? • Would anyone be willing to share sample committee materials, such as training documents? • Finally, how do you show appreciation to your committee in cases where they are participating on a volunteer basis?

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