GEOList Summary: Opening up Conference RFP List

  • Rylan Kepner, March 20, 2019

I have a question for you regarding closed RFP processes and how to make them more DEI-aligned. For GEO conferences, we create an RFP and ask for proposal submissions from our members, nonmembers and others. Our process has been to create a curated list of contacts that are notified when the RFP opens. We want to expand our list and are also considering what it would be like to move away from a closed, curated RFP notification list in order to get a broader range of applicants submitting proposals. My questions for you are: • One idea we are considering is posting the RFP link more publicly on our website, in our newsletters, etc. But, what else could we be doing to ensure that our RFP goes to more than our usual suspects? I was thinking of reaching out to nonprofit associations, asking our partners to promote, etc. • How have you been considering what it means to have a closed/ invite-only RFP alongside values of diversity, inclusion and equity?

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