GEOList Summary: Online community space for your partners to connect?

  • Bo Dorsey, March 17, 2021

Good morning, At Global Fund for Children, we are exploring creating an online community space for our partners working with children and youth around the world. I would love to hear from our GEO community what has been your experience in launching and managing an online community of partners? What's worked? What hasn't? Right now, we have experience with some of our regional cohort groups using Whatsapp. We've heard back from some partners that they are interested in a more unique dedicated space (so not a Facebook or LinkedIn group). Would also love to hear any experiences with specific platforms, especially those that allow for a multilingual community. (From my research, there are few available!). A note on some of the objectives and potentials we're seeing with an online community space: • Facilitate network building within and across regions and issues • Share resources and events created by partners and Global Fund for Children • Create a library with capacity development resources • Share time-sensitive opportunities for funding, training, and advocacy • Generate conversation online and virtually about timely issues • Keep partners connected even if no longer grant recipients Thanks so much in advance for sharing your experience! I'm also happy to set up a time to chat or for a group of us to share experiences, depending on the response.

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