GEOList Summary: Long-term and renewal grantees: how you do it?

  • Bo Dorsey, August 7, 2019

Hello everyone, This is probably a perennial question for a lot of us, but I wanted to ask anyway and learn from your responses: - Does your foundation make any longer-term grants or engage in longer-term funding relationships with grantees through grants that are renewed over a number of years? - If yes, what does that look like? o Is it a well-defined program approach in which different types of grants are treated as automatic renewals or automatic multiyear grants? Or is it a funding mechanism your foundation has developed over time as a time-saver for the grantmaking staff? o Do you automate renewals? o Do you require anything different, any less or any more in the application or in the due diligence, from longer term or renewal grantees than you do from first-time or short-term grantees? o If you issue a formal agreement to your renewal or longer-term grantees, does that agreement look different from the one you would issue to a first time or one-time grantee? o Do you have a limit on how many times you will renew a grant? o What are some lessons learned about long-term renewals that you would be willing to share with other donors? Thank you for helping me think this through. All the best,

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