GEOList Summary: Emerging Environmental Justice Leaders Initiative

  • Rumsha Ahmed, January 15, 2016

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is looking into developing an Emerging Environmental Justice (EJ) Leaders Initiative designed to: 1) identify and cultivate a new cohort of EJ leaders in NC; 2) develop skills and awareness among this cohort; 3) build community among emerging EJ leaders, as well as connections to existing institutions across the state; 4) enhance the Foundation’s understanding of issues about which emerging EJ leaders are passionate; and, 5) help the Foundation gain a more nuanced understanding of new ways in which these emerging leaders are organizing and strategizing for change. We currently envision delivering this Initiative through an 18-month competitive fellowship for 15 to 20 participants, with a particular focus on young people of color aged 18-28. Have others developed similar models, or do you know of models we should look into as we further develop this program? We are eager for lessons learned from similar processes and any advice you may have for us.

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