GEOList Summary: Capacity Building Support for Grantees

  • Rumsha Ahmed, November 10, 2011

As part of the Boston Foundation’s work to support and strengthen our grantees we engage outside consultants to work with individual nonprofit organizations, leaders, and networks to increase their effectiveness and capacity. As part of refocusing this work we are thinking about ways to empower and support our grantee organizations throughout the process. Please share relevant best practices from your organizations as well as recommendations for external resources to support grantees in: (1) crafting an RFP for technical assistance / capacity building engagements with outside providers (i.e. templates or sample RFPs), (2) selecting a provider (i.e. interview and process guides), (3) any other practical resources we could reference to support grantee organizations in defining the scope of such an engagement, selecting the consultant, and managing the engagement.

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