Strategic Learners Network

To achieve faster progress together, GEO is supporting members to connect, learn and advocate through of a variety peer communities.

The Strategic Learners Network is a peer community of GEO members, whose work includes dot-connecting, pattern-finding and holding the space for internal strategic learning.

Overall Goal: Professionalize the practice – distinguish the profession of strategic learning from the occupation of internal learning. Identify and define the characteristics of a “Learning Officer.”

Achieved in a two-phase process:

Developing a professional community. Strategic learning practitioners come together to discuss questions and interests unique to the work and experiences, developing a shared identity.

Defining the professional body of knowledge. Areas of expertise are established, expressing the field’s difference from other areas of work and enabling professionals to promote their specific purpose and contributions to society.

Who can participate? GEO members whose primary job function is to provide the link between research/evaluation and organizational strategy. This includes:

  • Connecting learning with strategy and programming (internal learning)
  • Bringing external research to improve practices (outside-in learning)
  • Maintaining the space for learning (dissemination and sharing)

How to participate? The network will meet virtually via video conference calls 4 times per year, connect at field events, including GEO conferences, & share resources and peer assist via listserv.

Membership Includes:

  • Commitment to participate in virtual meetings
  • Share relevant materials and opportunities via listserv
  • Provide relevant topics for conversation

2021 Network Leaders:

  • Christine Baker Mitton, Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
  • Lia Parifax, Arcus Foundation
  • Jessica Mindnich, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
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