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    Leading Change Conference 2017 Discussion Guide: Grantmakers’ Role in Supporting Systems Change

    For grantmakers who see themselves as champions of progress and change, the ultimate impact many of us hope to see lies not within programs but within systems.
    • December 14, 2017
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    Leading Change Conference 2017 Discussion Guide: Finding the Power to Drive Transformational Change

    Hear individual grantmakers in different organizational roles share inspiring stories of how they used their personal agency to advance change within their organizations.
    • December 14, 2017
  • GEOList Members Only

    GEOList Summary: Communicating about strategy change

    For those of you who have been through foundation strategy shifts, I am wondering what you have learned about communicating with grantees and non-grantees throughout the process? What worked well, and what did not seem to go so well?
    • September 13, 2018
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    GEOList Summary: Resources for Project Management and Knowledge Management

    What tools do you currently use for project management (including tracking deadlines and internal/external responsibilities, collaborative documents, network communication, lessons learned, evaluation and other data)?
    • October 27, 2014
  • September 26, 2019—September 26, 2019Online

    Internal Culture, External Change: Lessons from Two Foundations’ Culture-Change Journeys

    Culture impacts nearly everything, from how decisions are made to how strategies are evaluated and how work gets done. Yet rarely do grantmakers take time to intentionally build and maintain culture. Building on research and the experiences of two foundations, this webinar will explore how grantmakers can create and nurture culture, focusing on behaviors that drive the outcomes they're looking for. You'll leave the session with examples, frameworks, and guiding questions for intentionally building culture and identifying and systematizing behaviors that get to results.
    Remote Learning and Webinars
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    Leading Change Conference 2017 Discussion Guide: Home Team Meetups

    Leading change requires us to be bold, yet transformation can be intense and exhausting. Linking up with peers can rejuvenate us to do the work, and the Home Teams at the Leading Change Conference 2017 were designed to help you prepare to lead change efforts no matter where you sit in your organization.
    • December 14, 2017
  • Publication Members Only

    Get on the Balcony: How Grantmakers Can Ignite Change

    This publication seeks to offer some helpful approaches for jump-starting a change initiative, drawn from the reflections of GEO members who have been tasked with assessing challenges and cultivating the conditions for a productive change process.
    • September 20, 2018
  • What We Care About

    Organizational Change

    Knowing what works and taking steps to change your work for the better is easier said than done. But real change is possible when our organizations foster innovative and supportive environments where smarter grantmaking practices can thrive.
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    GEOList Summary: Grant Management Fees

    For any of my peers that are managing grant programs for other entities in the community, could you share what your fee structure looks like? Do you asses fees by charging a flat percent on the amount of the asset in the fund, per grant cycle, or per application reviewed? I am working on a partnership whereas we would manage a fund, a couple of grant cycles a year, a selections committee, and the due diligence of any funds granted.
    • March 28, 2019