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Facebook Live: The GEO Community At 20 — Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

We will be streaming the 2018 National Conference opening plenary on Facebook Live for those of you unable to join us in San Francisco!

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Over the last 20 years, the GEO community has worked to transform a desire for results into real improvements by creating spaces where grantmakers learn together and use that learning to drive concrete changes in the way grantmaking work gets done. As a field, we’ve made progress. And, as we continue learning together, our understanding of effective philanthropy evolves.

In this session, we’ll reflect on questions like: What is our vision for the future of philanthropy? How can we lead change toward the progress we want to see as individuals, organizations and a community? We’ll explore different perspectives about the impact we’ve had in the last two decades, the opportunities for us all to lead change in the sector and the future that we can only create by working together.

Start: Monday, April 30, 12:35 PM Pacific

End: Monday, April 30, 2:00 PM Pacific

We will be streaming three sessions from the 2018 National Conference on Facebook Live for those of you unable to join us in San Francisco! Learn more here.

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Introductory Remarks:


  • Brian Barnes, TandemEd
  • Kathleen Enright, GEO, @enrightGEO
  • Pia Infante, The Whitman Institute, @PiaVision
  • Kathy Reich, Ford Foundation, @kdreich
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