Enterprise Capital: A Trust-based Approach to Building Financially Sustainable Organizations

Join this virtual session to learn more about Enterprise Capital and how organizations can devote more resources to their mission, while building their financial strength and resilience.

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Nonprofit organizations are the “essential businesses” of our communities with the capacity to have profound impact on the lives of people throughout the nation. To achieve this, they deserve the same type of long-term, flexible capital that for-profit businesses attract to achieve their missions. Current philanthropic practices too often deliver short-term funding restricted by program, location or other factors that compromise the ability of organizations to maximize their impact.

In contrast, Enterprise Capital—unrestricted, multi-year funding invested in the organization as a whole– frees organizations to devote more resources to mission while building their financial strength and resilience. Lillian Singh will describe how enterprise capital addresses decades of inequitable funding for organizations led by and serving people of color through direct investments into their organizations. Phil Fitzgerald will outline the Citi Foundation’s Community Progress Makers program and how it is providing enterprise capital at scale as a strategy to both increase the Foundation’s return and that of their grantees. Andrea Levere will describe national efforts to advance enterprise capital as a philanthropic asset class and its relationship to both trust-based and participatory grantmaking.

Blueprint for Enterprise Capital: A Strategy for Aligning Capital and Capacity to Magnify Nonprofit Impact

Making the Case for Enterprise Capital: One Nonprofit’s Path to Financial Sustainability and Increased Impact, Bridgespan

Arkansas Enterprise Capital Grant Fund Fact Sheet

Start: Thursday, November 16, 12:00 PM Eastern

End: Thursday, November 16, 1:00 PM Eastern

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  • Andrea Levere

    Founder, Enterprise Capital Institute

  • Lillian Singh

    Founder & CEO, Enterprising Ventures of Color

  • Philip Fitzgerald

    Senior Program Officer, Citi Foundation

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