Using Intermediaries for Social Change

  • By Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, September 27, 2017

Intermediaries serve a vital function in supporting social change work. Yet many questions are emerging as to what innovative role intermediaries can play in this current political, economic and philanthropic climate. While traditionally intermediaries have filled the gap between the concentration of resources within philanthropy and the needs or gaps of the nonprofit sector, how can intermediaries further leverage their strength to become more effective?

Earlier this month, GEO hosted a member call to discuss this topic. Tyler Nickerson of The Solutions Project led a discussion on several related questions, including:

  • What risk position should intermediaries be taking in their respective ecosystems? How far out front should they be on issues of equity, inclusion and social justice?
  • What are some best practices for staying in authentic integrity with the field/movement when intermediaries may be playing a resourcing role?
  • Should intermediaries lead the way in diffusing the power dynamics of philanthropy through democratizing decision making and more?

If you weren’t able to join the call, you’re in luck! Tyler recently authored an article for PEAK Grantmaking on how donors can use intermediaries to play a powerful role in social change. Head over to PEAK’s website to learn more, and don’t forget to check out GEO’s events page for upcoming member calls.