GEOList Summary: Travel with Children

  • Rylan Kepner, March 21, 2019

NoVo is doing some research on Family Forward workplaces as a way to see how/where we may want to enhance our current practices. As part of this we are exploring policies/practices related to travel with children, when travel is seen as essential part of one's job responsibilities. So, my questions are: 1. Do you have a travel policy that reimburses childcare expenses when an employee is travelling? If yes, a) is there a limitation on the child's age under which the the travel expenses are reimbursed? (if yes, what is the age?) b) do you reimburse all expenses for the child (flight, hotel, meals, etc.) and are there any caps on expenses? c) do you reimburse for a caretaker to travel with the employee and child and are there any caps on expenses? d) do you have different policies for domestic and international travel? e) Is the benefit available to everyone? When are people eligible? 2. If a nursing mother is travelling without the child, do you cover expenses related to shipping breast milk?

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