Rylan Kepner


Rylan Kepner

Program Assistant


Contact Rylan to learn more about GEO’s conferences, publications, and other programming.

Rylan Kepner is a program assistant at Grantmakers for Effective Organizations. They have been with GEO since August 2018. Their focus is on developing and supporting conferences, publications, and other areas of programmatic work.

Prior to joining GEO, Rylan worked at Vitalyst Health Foundation in Arizona. While at Vitalyst, they supported the foundation’s grantmaking and programmatic work to improve the well-being and health of Arizonans by addressing root causes that affect health.

Rylan has a Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University. In their free time, you can find Rylan exploring the city, hiking, reading a good book, or trying new recipes in the kitchen.