GEO Values

Love: We reclaim philanthropy as expressing love for all of humanity by building a culture that centers voices and experiences that have traditionally been exploited, invisibilized, and othered. This reclamation of philanthropic culture is grounded in care, self-expression, and celebration.

Racial Equity in Practice: We see the construction of race as central to all social issues and actively strive for a just and equitable future. This work is intersectional, data-informed, and measurable and compels us to consistently put our words into practice.

Community-Centered Collaboration: We honor each other by building relationships, learning in partnership, and resisting individualism. Working in community reminds us that our ultimate success or failure is collective.

Trust and Accountability: We seek to be in trusting relationships and know that accountability is necessary for us to get there. We commit to cultivating both by leveraging our power and reckoning with philanthropy’s historical roots and present reality, so that together we can pursue connection and wholeness.