Advisory Groups and Committees

An important part of transformational change is being able to learn and adapt. In order to best support our community in these efforts, GEO regularly convenes groups of grant makers and nonprofits to add new perspectives to our core programming and greater understanding to our work. These groups give GEO an important opportunity to hear first hand about what our community and the organizations they fund care about, are worried about and are focused on.

Our current advisory groups and committees

Nonprofit success needs a nonprofit voice. With the Nonprofit Advisory Council, GEO receives critical feedback on how to best support nonprofits. No matter the outcome we are working towards, our institutions and systems were built to advantage some but not all — and data shows that inequities persist to this day. These inequities become more apparent when we take race into account. GEO’s work on racial equity is supported and driven by our Equity Advisory Group, composed of GEO members.

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